powering innovation, imagination and inspiration

We make everything from traditional radio docs to GPS location phone apps. Our clients range from the BBC to the National Trust. Some stuff though we make just for ourselves, for fun.


We've won a load of awards between us, but they are usually for our innovative approach to feature-making, our creative use of sound and our ability to pick out killer stories that will make you laugh or cry.

And why Phantom? Well that’s how we power our microphones, of course!

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We are award-winning audio feature and documentary makers. Our work is heard around the world - from Audible, to ABC, to BBC. We are known for our storytelling flair and our sound rich worlds that underscore these pieces.

The Butterfly Effect was a Audible original content commission presented by Jon Ronson. It sat at the top of the audible listening charts for weeks and was around the world to critical acclaim. 

Deliverance is a radio poem commissioned by BBC Radio 3. Working with poet Lemn Sissay, sound artists Francesca Panetta and Lucy Greenwell created a new radio poem around the audio diaries of five women in their final days of pregnancy.

Commissioned by Australian Broadcasting Corporation Edge of the World is the story of St Kilda - the folk stories of bird catching and cliff climbing - and how it seized our imaginations. Utopia may be an unobtainable idea, a dream, but what is life without dreams? Perhaps we need our utopias to house them...

The Qatar Philharmonic is the first western symphony orchestra in a Gulf state. What does this mean? Is this oil rich country trying to buy in culture?

Legend has it that the largest bell in the world rests at the bottom of a Myanmar river. Myths have grown up around the bell. Does a green dragon spirit protect it? Will it only rise again when the right leader comes to power? The Dhammazedi Bell juxtaposes the story of the bell and its many rescue attempts with the modern story of Burma and its  2015 election.